This week Ski-Doo released their 2019 Snowmobile lineup and there are some excellent additions…

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Introductions a plenty to get buyers and sellers thirsty for more!

This past week the industry was a buzz with the first look at the 2019 Snowmobile Lineup from Ski-Doo. Several changes coming and pretty much all are great news for Ski-Doo enthusiasts. From new engines, to redesigned ones, as well as a full line geared toward backcountry riders. Here are a couple of the main changes coming to Ski-Doo!

TURBO! The 900 ACE Turbo Engine added to models.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes to the 2019 model year will be the new Rotax 900 ACE Turbo engine that will be pumping out 150hp from the factory. It will be exciting to see how the addition of the turbo bolsters the already great reputation of the naturally aspirated Rotax 900 people have grown to love. With the reliability and economy of the 4-stroke ACE engine plus the addition of a short pipe exhaust manifold to the turbo to boost performance and MPG and minimize turbo lag (the time it takes for the turbo to spool up to deliver its power, it seems like this Rotax engine has the makings of a legent. It was only a matter of time that Ski-Doo got into the turbo engines as the next evolution of their already stout engines.

It will be interesting to see how many models they release the 900 ACE turbo engine on. So far it looks like the Renegade, Grand Touring and Expedition Sport models will be the main beneficiaries of this new engine. We will see if they will release the engine on the Summit for those interested in 4 stroke reliability and the power and economy that the 900 ACE puts out. But with the 850R E-TEC putting out 165HP in a lightweight 2 stroke, perhaps the wiser decision would be to stick with the trustworthy 2 stroke.

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Ski-Doo Backcountry gets its own line.

Backcountry riding is currently booming with the likes of Chris Burandt, Sahen Skinner, Dave Nerona  and a ton of backcountry experts putting out lots of videos on YouTube and Facebook, that just really make a riders mouth water with excitement of throwing the sled through the trees and tight technical riding.

2019 has Ski-Doo looking to create the ultimate backcountry snowmobile with 3 trims for you to choose your price point and features you would like on it.

Backcountry (base)

This is the base model snowmobile but has a great offering. It comes in either the Rotax 600R E-TEC pumping out 125Hp, or the 850 E-TEC Pushing 165HP of 2-stroke bliss. The P-Drive Clutch is quick to deliver the power to the track. And the new  cMotion rear skid allows for some great carving and boondocking with ease.

Backcountry X

The Backcountry X edition adds a whole host of options. This model upgrades the rear shock with a KYB Pro 36 Rear Shock, The RAS 3 Suspension up front. The SHOT Starter comes standard on this model, along with the 850R Engine and Cobra 15x146x1.6 Track. There are also a host of accessories that also come included in this model.

Backcountry X-RS

This is the Race Sled inspired snowmobile in this line, that will make any rider feel like they have been fitted with an amazing machine ready to battle the harshest conditions. This trim line includes KYB Pro Level Shocks that are rebuildable and revalvable, the same standards as the MXZx 600RS race sled.

The Running boards are also redesigned for this trim model, for a more aggressive stand up riding stance, thicker aluminum and extra reinforcements allow for lasting durability during the roughest drops and jumps.

Pilot DS 2 Skis included, along with even more accessories such as J-Hooks, a Mountain Grab Handle, and new eye catching body armor that is sure to turn heads.

This lineup is sure to get buyers and sellers thirsty for the next evolution of the sport.

Increased Power and Throttle Response from the E-TEC Engines

With the added engine option of the 900 ACE Turbo in the Trail and Touring sleds, the 600 and 850 E-TEC engines also got a decent update, which is said to yield 5 more horsepower and 30% increase in throttle response.

They accomplished this by redesigning the intake and exhaust as well as the block itself. The intake changed from a single V reed to a double, and the eRAVE valves fitted with a more powerful electronic motors and makes response 3 times faster than typical pneumatic RAVE Valves making the intake and exhaust more free flowing.

Increase the power output but make sure it can last.

One of the greatest accomplishments of Ski-Doo has been its reliability. There are still many Mid 2000 REVs out on the trails due to the incredible reliability of their engines (my personal 2007 MXZ X 600 SDI has 7500 miles on it, and still going strong). Ski-Doo maintains that even with the increase in power and response, they have put in place many features that will continue this reliability throughout their engine line. Plasma Coated cylinder walls and pistons, Balanced crankshafts, and a more robust magneto will ensure these engines have the lasting reliability Ski-Doo owners have grown to love.

Efficiency continues to extend your trips per tank.

Along with all of the above, the power and reliability is the ability to make your rides last longer between fill ups. The 600R engine boasts a 21 MPG. Rotax 2 stroke engines are also incredible on oil consumption to ensure that the cost of ownership and riding is efficient on the wallet as well.

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2019 is looking good so far for Ski-Doo

With the release of the models and accessories from Ski-Doo, it will be interesting to see how Polaris, Arctic Cat and Yamaha respond. But one thing is for sure, 2019 looks like a great year for snowmobiles and dealers, and hopefully as long as the weather agrees, it will be an amazing sales year for dealers and riders alike.

Stay tuned for more releases to come and more write ups from as we get to testing all of the new models coming out.

February 21, 2018
Posted by: Tom Ferlaak
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