Yamaha’s Sidewinder SRX Snowmobile is back, and Yamaha fans are rejoicing!

Throughout Yamaha’s snowmobile lineups, the SRX designation has come and gone multiple times.

The SRX designation has been considered Yamaha’s Flagship Performance Snowmobile, pushing performance by giving a light, and stout chassis a performance engine.

This year Yamaha decided that instead of releasing a ton of new technology, or entirely new model lineups, they wanted the excess stock of 2017 and 2018 snowmobiles to get sold, while opening up a couple changes to the 2019 lineup to satisfy the Yamaha enthusiasts who strive for the bleeding edge snowmobile lineups.  The past few years have been pretty dismal for snow here in Minnesota, however this year seems to be never ending as it is currently April 6th, we just got 10 inches, and prospects of another 8 inches coming in the next couple days. I would expect that Yamaha is planning big moves in 2020 for their snowmobile lineup.

So lets take a look at the biggest change to their lineup, the 2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX! 

2019 Yamaha Logo Snowmobiles

New aggressive styling will turn heads.

The style of the 2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX will turn heads, with its bold “Racing blue” and TURBO wrapped down the side of the tunnel. This definitely looks like no other SRX. The blue and white styling is very refined and looks amazing, but also is very functional.

Yamaha tightened up the chassis and aerodynamics to remain stable at the higher speeds in this performance sled. The SRX is designed to make sure the rider always feels in control, whether blasting down a straight, or keeping flat around a corner. The team at Yamaha has spent many years always improving with the rider in mind.

2019 yamaha sidewinder srx corner trail

998 Genesis Turbo Engine

Yamaha has been the leader in 4 stroke engines, and when people think of Yamaha Snowmobiles, 80% will think 4 stroke engine. But, this is not a bad thing. Their 4-stroke engines have been incredibly smooth, and powerful engines.

The 998 Genesis Turbo Engine is brand new, and touts the highest horsepower of any engine currently in snowmobiling. 200 Horsepower to be more precise. The 998 Genesis Turbo engine produces incredibly quick and smooth throttle response that you wont even realize there is a turbo, as the lag from this IHI turbo is negligible at best. All this in a trail snowmobile brings ridiculous to a whole new level.

Besides the turbo, the internals of this engine was bolstered to handle the extra pressure produced by the turbo, as well as boost the durability of this engine. With improvements such as connecting rods made of hardened carburized steel, Forged pistons, and using a piston cooling system similar to cars where the jets shooting oil are located below the piston.

The exhaust system features cast 3-1 short path exhaust manifold to precisely ensure each cylinder creates the same pressure to the turbine of the turbo. This is important and one of the key reasons for the minimal turbo lag.

2019 yamaha 998 genesis turbo engine

Fox Zero iQS Shock package with Adjustable FOX Intelligent Quick Shift

In true form of the SRX Package, the 2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX gets a top of the line Fox Zero iQS Shock package. With the ability to shift dampening in 3 steps on a handlebar controlled push of a button. Intelligent Quick Shift by FOX allows you to shift between Soft, Medium or Hard based on your riding conditions, and on the fly. So for those long rides, you could very well change multiple times at different sections of the trail.

Fox has been a leader in shock technology for many years, so it only seems right to put it on the top of the line Yamaha Snowmobile.

2019 yamaha sidewinder SRX Front shock
2019 yamaha SRX sidewinder fox zero iqs shocks

The 2019 Yamaha SRX is available as Spring Pre-order Only so don’t wait.

The 2019 Yamaha Sidewinder SRX is a limited production snowmobile, therefore, will only be available for spring purchases. This was done as a nod to the hardcore Yamaha enthusiasts who have stood by the company. So if you are looking for a beast of a trail snowmobile, ready to blast down the trails and give your friends and rider mates a run for their money, act quickly and get one of these amazing machines.

2019 yamaha sidewinder srx corner trail