2019 Polaris Snowmobile Lineup Terrain Domination

New 2019 releases from Polaris expected to continue to dominate any terrain.

In the 3rd 2019 lineup release, Polaris has introduced some interesting new items. In this review, we will go over some of the new snowmobiles, engines and innovatons from Polaris Industries.

Patriot Games – The new 2019 850 Patriot Motor from Polaris

Prior to the official release on 3/5/2018, there was a lot of speculation as to whether Polaris Industries was going to release an 850 motor for their snowmobiles. Well that speculation was confirmed when they came out with the SnowCheck Exclusive  850 Patriot Engine. This motor will be an available option on select SnowCheck models including: RMKSKSSwitchbackIndy XC, and Rush Pro-S, and XCR. 

Of course they are going to shed weight…

Polaris has been putting a lot of innovation in making their sleds lighter, which is a very good thing, lighter normally equates to a snowmobile that is easier to handle, and accelerates faster due to the engine not having to push a lot more weight. (Now is the time you look at your belly and think to yourself “Maybe I should shed some pounds so I can make even more use of their efforts”). With the 850 Patriot platform, Polaris has lightened the crankshaft, and created a more balanced crankshaft that still maintains its strength and stiffness, which will equate to lower rotating mass and faster acceleration.

2019 Polaris 850 Patriot Engine Cylinder Head DesignDurability means better reliability.

This year durability seems to be the biggest push from all of the manufacturers. Getting 4 stroke durability with 2 stroke acceleration and weight. The Patriot Engine has a brand new Piston design, New Cylinder and one-peice Cylinder head design, all with the goal of making sure you can stay on the trails and tough conditions for many miles. The cooling of this head is all new and ensures that the engine will stay cool and still maintain its structural rigidity. The Piston is all new as well and again, has durability in mind with its +8mm compression height, +3mm thicker dome and more contact area with the cylinder wall which will transfer the heat generated to the cylinder wall and dissipated quickly.

Built with AXYS in mind.

Better integration into the Axys Chassis. The 850 Patriot engine has been designed to integrate much better into the Axys Chassis which will minimize the vibration and maximizes belt life.

All in all the 850 Patriot Engine is looking like it will be a great competitor to the Ski Doo 850 ETEC. Look for some great shootouts to come between these two.

2019 Axys Chassis Updates… Lighter Is Always Better.

2019 Polaris axys chassis updates snowmobilePolaris AXYS Chassis 2019 snowmobile

“Less is more…” I feel like there was a memo sent out to all Polaris employees, that just said those three words. It would seem they got the memo because the majority of the major enhancements to the 2019 Axys Platform have to do with weight savings.

Starting with the rear suspension, as an option, the new Axys RMK rear suspension you can opt for a front track cross shaft which is 0.5 lbs lighter, as well as an all new hyfax design that is lighter while still maintaining durability, available only on the 2019 850 Pro-RMKs.

React Front Suspension is another standard update on the AXYS Chassis, which features an adjustable 36″-38″ stance. Forged A Arms will ensure you wont be sidelined with a bent A Arm when you play past your skill level and end up in the trees. Kidding of course.

SLS Shock Springs are a a SnowCheck Exclusive Spring for the fronts that is 3 POUNDS LIGHTER than previous RMK Springs. The new springs are lighter than titanium and provide the rider with enhanced agility and responsiveness. Hard to find a better way to lose 3 pounds off the front of the sled.

With the new updates there are still the standard features that keep Polaris providing riders with very high quality snowmobiles. From the Full Color LCD Display with bluetooth, GPS, Riding Conditions, Performance figures, Ride planning, and more, this display is the top guage option in a snowmobile, HANDS DOWN. If you havent used the Polaris RideCommand App on your smartphone, its pretty nice. I use it to track my ride all the time, and its really nice to be able to glance down and make sure you are still on the right path.

The Indy is back for 2019… Even a SnowCheck 850

The 2019 Polaris Indy Lineup features trail models for the entire family. From a beginner, to an experienced rider looking for awesome performance, the Indy runs the gamut of trail riders.2019 Polaris Indy Series Snowmobiles

Here are a couple models from the lineup that peaked our interest:

Indy EVO – This snowmobile was built with the new riders in mind. Where they are too big for a 120, but do not feel confident enough to jump on a big engine sled. Still has the tout 550 Fan-cooled engine, and an impressive stance and suspension package that will build the confidence of the newer riders.

Indy XC – This line is the Ultra Trail Performance snowmobile of the Indy Lineup. Available engine choices include the 600 Cleanfire800 Cleanfire H.O. And new for this year, the SnowCheck Patriot 850! In the suspension, the snowmobiles have the proven Axys Chassis, an all new PRO-CC Rear suspension, Walker Evans Shocks All around with a ton of accessories and options you can customize to ensure the trail sled suits your needs perfectly.

While the Indy line has always been, generally, the more budget friendly snowmobiles, this year the options and features of these sleds really boost the “bang for your buck” value.

Polaris came up big this year, and expect to see some reviews soon

With 2019 release centering primarily around their SnowCheck Patriot 850, this will be the snowmobile to test this year. I look forward to being able to give a hands on full review of the 850 to be able to see first hand if the speculation and marketing accurately depicts the engine. Time will tell, but excitement is in all of the Polaris enthusiasts. Kudos to Polaris for coming up with some great items for 2019. Below I’ve included a couple of their promo videos from the launch.

Tom Ferlaak

The All New 2019 Polaris 850 Patriot Engine

2019 Polaris 850 RMK Rider Reactions

2019 Polaris Snowmobile Launch LiveStream

March 8, 2018
Posted by: Tom Ferlaak
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