I first heard about Composit tracks when i noticed that the track I had on my 2007 Ski Doo Rev MXZ X 600 SDI was looking pretty beat up, was missing some lugs, missing some studs and starting to show its age. I started looking through my options of what snowmobile track would fit my budget, provide the performance I wanted, and would be a track that would last.

One of the main issues I had with my current track is that when I would be driving in and out of the garage, if the track spun it would EAT up the concrete, this was due to the studs being past the lugs, and digging into the concrete. Another problem I had with the studs is that it damages the hell out of the coolers. I found this out while changing the track there were two channels ground down the middle of the coolers… yikes, not good.

So my requirements were as follows:

  • Lower budget – Because everyone likes to save money.
  • Biggest Lugs I could fit – I wanted more lift in the deep snow, getting stuck sucks, and I did a lot of riding off trail at our property in northern Minnesota.
  • NO STUDS – I’d rather stay away from the studs so my cooler and concrete can survive.
  • Longevity/Construction – I wanted something that would last so I am not replacing tracks every couple years.

About Composit

Composit Snowmobile tracks (https://compositsnowmobiletracks.com) are produced in Russia, and distributed here in Minnesota.

composit talon 45 1.7 inch track camso camzo

Why I chose Composit Talon 45?

After doing some online research, reviews and such, everything was pointing at Camso tracks and the like. Then I spoke with Seaberg Motorsports in Crosslake, MN, and I got to talking about tracks and asking about whats out there, he directed me to Composit. I hadn’t heard much about them so I started doing some research via Google, Youtube, and the companies website, which at the time there hadn’t been too many true reviews of the tracks out there, a lot of regurgitating marketing material or saying “I know a guy” or “I heard this..”. So I called up a contact Seaberg gave me over at Composit, I spoke with him for a good 30 minutes about the tracks and decided, yes I will go with the Talon 45.


In terms of value for your money, Composit’s prices stand alone. Comparable tracks from Camso are normally 25-30% more. Composit Tracks are a great track but will also save you money in the short term (initial cost) and the long term (durability).

Lug Profile

The lug profile of the Talon 45 is very solid and reinforced at the base which should yield great durability while providing aggressive grip and float. I am two years of aggressive riding into this track and there are no visible cracks in the lugs, no missing lugs and have been thoroughly impressed by the grip in the deep and on trails.


The material is a multi layered construction consisting of a Base rubber layer, then fabric, then cord, then more fabric, then a rubber layer, and an additional protective rubber layer. 6 total layers. What does this mean in real world, a strong durable track.

In the two years I have run this track, I have driven on, Ice, Cement, Hard Pack, Deep Snow, and every condition available to Minnesota. and the little triangles at the top of the lugs don’t look like they have been touched.

Customer Service

I worked with Dale Fett at Composit and he was amazing at giving me the information and making suggestions based on my riding style and sled. They have tracks that function well in a number of different applications. Dale was helpful and his suggestions and knowledge was excellent to find a track that suited my needs.

Initial thoughts of the Composit Talon 45


In comparison of the track that was on the sled. A worn down (under 1″ lugs), missing lugs, ground down studs with 2500+ miles on the sled I weighted that vs the brand new Composit Talon 45 track, and found the Talon 45 only weighed in 5 pounds more than the current track. The talon is fully clipped and had a full inch more of lug on it, so weight was expected to be greater, but thankfully not as much.


Brand new its expected that the track would be stiffer, this will affect how much effort the engine needs to push out to rotate the track around the wheels. The Talon was stiff at first, however it did break in within 150 miles and has become more flexible as it has been run.

Composit snowmobile tracks talon 45 review Sledseller.com

First Ride

First rides on a track can be misleading, you are going from a track that you have likely had on the snowmobile for a long time and are used to its feel, its grip and its quirks. A couple things that I hated about the previous track, was that it would get stuck in the most inconvenient places, the grip was horrible on concrete, ice, iced gravel, and a lot of places. However it was a very fast track in the right conditions. I knew going to a new track that this would feel much different and going to a larger lug I was likely to lose a couple MPH on the top end.

After getting the track tension correct and breaking it in a bit, I found the ride quality and performance of the track to be very good. I found myself able to control around corners of trails, and pushing out of corners seemed to be an instant burst, but also get into the trees on deeper trails at our property in Bigfork, MN where we have 150 acres of forest land.

Something as simple as pulling the snowmobile out of a garage with a concrete floor was tough with the previous track. The studs would tear up the cement when the track spun, with the Composit track, it spun less, however if it did spin, it wasnt destroying concrete which is nice. This is more due to the fact the Talon 45 didn’t have studs rather than the track necessarily.

I also found when I tested the track in the deeper snow on tight trails, going over logs and such, the track was able to yield less stucks and less spinning on an icy frozen log.

Overall first impressions of this track are excellent. I did lose some MPH as I figured I would earlier, this is due to the track not being broken in yet, and a bit heavier, but also the lug height can affect MPH. But overall I love this track and the performance where it counts.

After 2 years of use

After 2 years I have put on another 1500 miles of use. The track has held up beautifully. In fact it still looks brand new. The past couple years have been hit or miss on how much snow we got. At our place in northern Minnesota we have a gravel road about a mile long, there were some times where it was just hard packed ice gravel which can be hell on a spinning track, the track still has all of those nub triangles on each of the lugs.

As it has aged it has become a bit more flexible and seems to be performing even better after each time out. Still very happy with the trail and deep performance of the track on some of the deeper days we have had.

Review of composit talon 45 ski-doo rev 600

Conclusion on the Composit Talon 45

This track with its lug profile, durability, and overall performance makes it a solid choice vs some of the other tracks out there. In the deeper stuff it gets the front end up and out of the snow, and on the trails it performs very well in corners and straights. I would definitely recommend this track from what I have seen so far. Visit their site https://compositsnowmobiletracks.com/ or check out some of the dealers to get your hands on one of these.

Thank you

Tom Ferlaak