Selling snowmobiles with is quick and easy

I wanted to give a brief how to on how to get your account up and running quickly, and get your snowmobile inventory listed online fast with Lets get right into it.

Create an Account

  1. Go here Login/Register
  2. Fill out the “Sign Up” form which is just Name, Phone number, Email, What you want your login to be, and a password. Accept the terms, verify you arent a robot and click Sign up.
  3. Once you are at the account page, click “Upgrade Account” This will take you to the Pricing Page
  4. Depending if you are a Dealer or a Private Seller, hover over the Gold Membership. Then click “Sign Up”
  5. Enter your Billing information, *you will not need to enter credit information, this is strictly for your profile info. Then click Place Order.
  6. This will take you to a confirmation page, and you will see “Thank you. Your Order Has been Recieved. Return to Account”. Click the words “Return to account”
  7. Finally, Click “Profile Settings”. Fill out as much information here as possible. There are a couple things that benefit you.
    1. Logo – Brings a professional look and shows on your posts
    2. Dealer image – This is if you want to add an advertisement or an image of your dealership that potential buyers will see when looking at all of your inventory.
    3. Company Website URL – This creates a link to your website on every item you list. This is great for your business because it creates a backlink to your website which helps search engines like google find you.
    4. Below this is the regular information about your dealership you will want to fill out. The Email address is something to make sure you have correct. This is where the email will go if someone who is interested in your snowmobile listing and they fill out the form on the listing to get more information on it.
    5. (you dont need to put anything in License Number, its not used.)
    6. You are all Set. Now lets get your inventory online.

List a snowmobile for sale

  1. From your account page (if you navigated away or logged out, just click the login button at the top or click here or else hover over the little circle in the top right, and click “My Items”) Click the “Sell A Sled” button on the left sidebar.
  2. This will bring you to the page to build your listing. First select the condition (new/used), then the make, and year. After selecting the make and year, the model drop down automatically filters models that were available for that year. This makes it easy to ensure people can quickly find the right snowmobile they want.
  3. Fill in the information below this.
  4. Upload Photos. Click the choose Files, and select your pictures. You can select multiple pictures from your computer by holding control and selecting more. After selecting your photos, and clicking open, Wait for the images to load in the screen. sometimes it takes a couple seconds to show them all. Click and hold the image you want to show first, and drag it to the front of the list to make it your featured image.
  5. Add a video. If you would like to add a video you have on youtube, simply paste the video url into the box.
  6. Enter Sellers Notes. Here is where you add the description of the snowmobile for sale, and any other details you wish to put in.
  7. Price. How much would you like to list this snowmobile for?
  8. Submit your listing. Click the submit button. Once the images upload the site will redirect you back to your account page and your snowmobile will then be listed! Congratulations!

Thank you for choosing for buying and selling snowmobiles.

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February 5, 2018
Posted by: Tom Ferlaak
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